The better way to extract

Essential oils are best extracted with solvents that are similar in polarity such as butane, propane, isobutane. This is also done under cryogenic conditions -90 degrees celsius this preserves the natural flavor of the plant. 

 After the cryogenic extraction we use deep vacuum to refine our oils, this allows us to reduce the amount of heat needed for distillation. Less heat also means we achieve a much closer natural condition of the plant's original taste and smell. 

We refine our essential oils from a variety of cannabis extracts, such as live and cured resins.  The variety gives us a robust library of essential oils strains, sometimes in a live resin and a cured resin form. 

Why we don't use steam

What’s the problem with steam distilled hemp? There are a few primary issues with steam distilling essential oil out of plants. The first is water carries a very large amount of thermodynamic energy or heat. That heat is then transferred to these very delicate essential oils and it bends and breaks them down into a few instead of the many that they were. Also the shape of the water molecule is not conducive to extraction of oils. It’s like trying to mix oil and water! 

Cannabis smells are sensitive and we are after more than a few compounds, so using high energy water is not the best method for us. 

Our Terpenes

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